In-Class Activities

Police Psychology

Personality Questionnaire

Fill out this personality questionnaire to see how you compare to those who are thought to make good law enforcement professionals.

Perceived Stress Scale

Take this questionnaire to see how much stress you are perceiving in your life, and what your coping strategies are.

Mindfulness Exercises

Listen to one of these mindfulness-breathing exercises to see how it changes your level of stress.

Investigative Psychology

Hypothesis Test Exercise

Take this quick experiment to see how you test a hypothesis.

Deduction Exercise

Do this quick activity to practice deduction and see its shortcomings.

Photo Array Recommendations

Go here to make recommendations about how photo arrays should be conducted.


Go here to participate in a quick study.

Criminal Psychology

Psychopathy Questionnaire

Go here to fill out a questionnaire about a pair of serial killers to see whether they have the classic psychopathy traits we've discussed.

Decision Making Exercise

Go here to complete an exercise related to decision making.

Legal Psychology

Memory Exercise

Go here to complete an exercise related to memory.