Research Assistants

Research Assistants

Undergraduate students at Syracuse University are invited to apply for research assistant positions in the Close Relationships Lab.

Our Goals:

  • To conduct high-quality science that is reproducible, transparent, and methodologically rigorous
  • To promote diversity and inclusivity in science, by involving those with diverse backgrounds and future career plans in our work
  • To promote scientific literacy and provide students with the basic knowledge and skills necessary for advanced training programs.
  • To maintain a respectful and intellectually-stimulating learning environment

The Undergraduate Research Assistant's Role:

  • Run experiments: You will help collect data per procedures dictated by a script. For example, you might pass out surveys or you might set up a video for participants. You might also serve as a confederate (i.e., actor) to help simulate a study experience; for example, you might pretend to drop some items so we can examine who helps you pick them up.
  • Code data: You will also aid in data coding and data entry using Excel (which I will show you how to use).
  • Help with other research-relevant tasks: You might also be asked to help locate literature in the library, type up research stimuli, contact participants, train other research assistants, prepare lab documents, and other related research tasks. Students are required to attend scheduled lab meetings, during which, we will talk about ongoing projects, listen to and give informal presentations, examine data, and/or read and discuss an assigned research article related to social psychology.

The PI and Graduate Student's Role:

  • Dr. Machia and the graduate students will provide the mentoring and training needed to help all undergraduate research assistants understand the culture and process of science, and encourage the pursuit of academic interests and goals.


  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Available to work 6-9 hours per week
  • Reliable, professional, and prepared to be asked to be an active participant in the lab


  • Email Dr. Machia - lvmachia[at]

Want to apply?:

  • Fill out the application below and email it to Dr. Machia - lvmachia[at]